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Mandy Lancia
Photographer & Social Media Manager

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Abigail St. Claire
Graphic Designer & Content Creator

Mandy Lancia is a lifestyle photographer, a social media manager, a consultant, a stylist, a content creator. There is no one name that encompasses her interests, desires and appreciations. After recently moving back to Chicago after four years in Boston, she found herself meeting more and more creative individuals who felt like there was not a female-centered space to appreciate creativity, as well as one another. This is where the idea for WITH/ANOTHER stemmed from. She wanted to create a community of like-minded women, with whom one another, could expand their interests, meet new friends and collaborate on projects throughout Chicago.

A Chicagoland native, Abby St. Claire is a content creator, designer, and studio artist. After studying in St. Louis for a year and designing + publishing a St. Louis-based lifestyle publication called The City Dossier, Abby is back in Chicago to study design. She is currently working as a content creator and social media marketer for Chicago's Flowers for Dreams, and she also edited + designed a wedding + lifestyle mag for F4D called One Fourth. As an avid traveler, Abby loves exploring and documenting new people, places, and things and believes in curating a minimal + essential lifestyle. When she is not working or planning a trip, she can be found eating tacos + watching John Mulaney stand-up or listening to Drake on repeat.